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Integration between InfCare HIV and 1177 Vårdguiden

20 May 2016


It has now become a reality!

In December of 2013 the integration process between InfCare HIV and the national solution 1177/Vårdguiden previously called “Mina vårdkontakter” was started.

The infection clinic HIV at Karolinska University hospital then saw an opportunity to make it easier for the patient by giving a possibility to answer their Health Survey through 1177/Vårdguiden.

The patient logs on/sign in on “my page” in 1177/Vårdguiden and from there follow a link to his or hers form. When the form is answered the report is sent in to InfCare HIV where the answers are displayed graphically.

Because the solution touches upon a sensitive subject (HIV) there has been many considerations to consider before it was possible to develop the integration. Many different categories or roles such as head doctor, general counsel and cyber security coordinator were involved during the process. Many instances such as SKL, Inera and QRC has also been involved.

The integration became a reality in march of 2016 and will be started on a small scale according to head doctor Veronica Swedhem-Johansson this will be done by letting some of the clinics patients answer their Health Survey through 1177/Vårdguiden and to be broadened over time to all the patients that want to answer their Health Survey through 1177/Vårdguiden.

We’re very happy and proud to have reached the GOAL with the solution says business unit director Eva Woodhouse because it makes it easier for the patients and gives them a greater freedom.

There are now many quality registers that are waiting on doing similar integrations. The work has already begun for SWIBReg (IBD) and the register for immunodeficiency (PIDCare) are also interested.

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