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InfCare HIV, a RealQ® application

We have been working with the Swedish HIV community for more than 13 years, the collaboration is centred round the decision support system / quality register InfCare HIV.

InfCare HIV

Physicians and nurses use the system to

  • get a better overview of individual patients and their disease history
  • get real time insights into the quality of care that they are providing, a typical question would be how large share of my patients are reaching treatment targets. And the ones who don’t, who are they?
  • extract qualitative data for further analysis and research
  • discuss patient cases in a secure way with experts and colleagues

InfCare HIV was one of the first RealQ products and has been continuously improved over the years. Today it is used in seven countries and is also the national quality register for HIV care in Sweden. where the system is used at practically every meeting between patients and HIV physicians/nurses.


Alexander Draskovic


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