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InfCare HIV with Anders Sönnerborg

A presentation on how Sweden became a pioneering country for the treatment of HIV Patients and how InfCare HIV has been an important part of that. The presentation ended with a discussion on how we at Health Solutions can be the best support to keep both Sweden and InfCare HIV in leading position of HIV treatment.

Invited speaker:

Anders Sönnerborg

Div of Infectious Diseases
Dep. of Medicine Huddinge
Karolinska Institutet / Karolinska University Hospital


Primary immunodeficiency and PidCare

What is Primary immunodeficiency, how does it affect the patient and how can it be treated? Susanne Hansen gives a presentation about the disease and how our application PidCare is used in 56 immunodeficiency clinics in Sweden.

Invited speaker:

Susanne Hansen

Register holder
Registered nurse
Immunodeficiency Unit
Karolinska University Hospital - Huddinge

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Apheresis clinic and stem cell lab / Apheresis and stem cell register

Together with Aferes & Stem Cell Lab at Karolinska University Hospital, we have developed a quality register for follow-ups of completed treatments.

Ulla Axdorph Nygell, the register holder, lectured on diseases, the clinic's operations and how the new register will improve the treatment of the patients.

Invited speaker:

Ulla Axdorph Nygell

MD, Associate professor
Medical Director
Unit for Apheresis, patient- and donorrelated aphereses with cell components
Clinical Immunology/Transfusion Medicine
Karolinska University Hospital

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IBD and Swibreg

Susanne Jäghult gives an interesting presentation about IBD. What the disease means and how it affects the patient, important knowledge for us at Health Solutions who work proactively to improve Swibreg from a patient perspective. Susanne also told how they at Stockholm Gastro Center use SWIBREG in their daily meetings with patients.

Invited speaker:

Susanna Jägholt

Register holder
Registered nurse, Med Dr
Stockholm Gastro Center

Swibreg logotyp

Service Design & Design Thinking

How can we with Service Design & Design Thinking create sustainable solutions and optimal experiences for users and actors around us? Important questions which help us to deliver applications that are easy to use and provide the user with important functions for their business. Tina Tarre Monfrino experienced business developer shares her knowledge and experience.

Invited speaker:

Tina Tarre Monfrino

Business developer
Tarre Consulting AB

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