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To get a real life, real time view on us you shouldn’t talk to us but to our customers. In this section we list a selection of the 80+ cases that we have worked with over the years, contact us if you want to have a more extensive reference list. Enjoy!

FHabian, a Cascade Screening tool

FHabian, a Cascade Screening tool

Finding and linking people at risk of familial hypercholesterolemia to care.

Ingen ska ha Hepatic C!

Swedish needle and syringe programme (NSP)

The Swedish needle and syringe programme (NSP) is a social service that allows injecting drug users to receive sterile syringes, needles and injection tools, in the purpose to primarily prevent the spread of Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C...

Ingen ska ha Hepatic C!

Eliminating Hepatitis C

Finding and linking patients to healthcare is an issue for healthcare in several infectious diseases. An example of this is hepatitis C, a stigmatized disease causing thresholds for individuals in the risk group to seek health care and test for hepatitis C.

Registry study

Registry study

We were asked by a pharma company to evaluate adherence and retention for one of their therapies and to compare the results with the rest of the market...

Registry study

HepCare UK, a RealQ® application

The development within the hepatitis C area has been enormously fast during the last years, patients who were dying in the disease are now free of the virus. The downside is of course the cost of the new drugs...


InfCare HIV, a RealQ® application

We have been working with the Swedish HIV community for more than 13 years, the collaboration is centred round the decision support system / quality register InfCare HIV...


SWIBREG, a RealQ® application

The SWIBREG application is used in Sweden and Denmark, in Sweden it is also the national quality register for IBD care...

World Bleeding Disorder Registry

World bleeding disorder registry (WBDR) is the international platform for hemophilia treatment centers (HTC)....

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