A daughter in the UK!

The UK business has now grown to such a level that we have opened a daughter company in the UK, Health Solutions Europe Ltd.


RealQ Hepatitis is now up and running at in Antwerp University Hospital with full integration versus the hospitals lab systems,


Breakthrough in the UK!

Breakthrough on the British market! The RealQ application HepCare is now being used in Derriford Hospital, Plymouth.


The national quality registry for hemophilia care became the 30th RealQ diagnose application when it was launched in 2015.

Two business areas sold

On the 1st of September we sold the adherence and the expert center business areas to the company International Clinical Testing Scandinavia AB (ICT). This will enable us to focus on our core competence, decision support systems and real life / real world data.


Business as usual

Business as usual now means several new diagnoses both in the RealQ and the adherence businesses, three real life studies, one new market (Finland) and acting as expert center for five new customers during 2014.

Syringe exchange program

Health Solutions have always been heavily involved in infectious diseases and when we heard that a syringe exchange program was going to be set up in Stockholm we offered to build a RealQ application for them on a pro bono basis. This was done and the program is now used in other cities as well.


Benefit of adherence programs proven

Several formal evaluations of Health Solutions adherence program show that the programs both are very appreciated among the patients and that they give the intended results, patients stay on therapy.

More international adventures

RealQ applications are launched in Holland and Vietnam.

Real life, Real world, RealQ

2013 is the year when the concept real life data gets it's big breakthrough and we are happy about that, it's basically what we have been doing since the start of this timeline! And now there's a word for it!


Beyond 20 and 10

The twentieth RealQ application is launched, within the diagnose area pain, and the 10th adherence program, this time within ADD.

Go east

Health Solutions together with SLL and Östersjöfonden started a project in Russia to build decsions support systems for HIV and TB.


Health Solutions and Läkemedelstjänster merge

In 2012 we merged Health Solutions with Läkemedelstjänster and thereby got three business areas in  the company: Decision support systems and real life studies, Adherence programs and Expert centers. 


The oncology year

In the same year we launched RealQ applications within Prostate Cancer, Kidney Cancer, Ovarian Cancer, Melanoma and Lung Cancer. A busy year!



National orphan drug project

Health Solutions gets an assignment from LIF, the trade association for the research-based pharmaceutical industry in Sweden, to build a generic platform for following the introduction and use of orphan drug, using the RealQ platform as base.

Sister company "Läkemedelstjänster" started

The people behind Health Solutions together with some new forces starts the company Läkemedelstjänster to provide expert customer service for the pharmacy and pharmaceutical business,

Winning again

This year Health Solutions won the price "Best new idea" on the national "Best Healthcare IT solutions" awards. 2011 Joakim Söderberg from Health Solutions joined the jury so now we cannot compete anymore :-)


Best healthcare IT solution in Sweden

In 2009 we got a great acknowledgement from the Swedish healthcare community when RealQ was awarded the price "Best healthcare IT solution". 

InfCare Hepatitis launched in Denmark

The RealQ application InfCare Hepatitis was launched in Denmark in 2009,


National decison support within IBD

A RealQ application for patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) launched in Sweden. 

Studies based on the Swedish National Drug Registry

During 2008 we did the first studies based on data from the Swedish National Drug Registry. Since then we have done more than 70 similar studies on more than 40 different drugs.


Decision support big breakthrough and adherence pioneering

During 2007 we launched a number of RealQ decision support systems and started recruiting patients for the "Livsstilsguiden" patient adherence program which would in time contain more than 900 patients.

Areas such as dementia, hepatitis, pain and breast cancer got blessed with RealQ applications.

InfCare HIV launched on Iceland

Iceland becomes the latest InfCare HIV country.

100% coverage InfCare HIV Sweden

A milestone in the Swedish decision support / registries, all known HIV patients are being treated with the help of InfCare HIV. The system is used in basically all meetings between healthcare and HIV patient. 


Pro bono projects in Tanzania and Zimbabwe started

Our HIV application was launched in Tanzania and in Zimbabwe as a pro bono project in cooperation with Karolinska Sjukhuset, Karolinska Institute and the pharma company Abbott

The new business area Adherence programs is started

Long in planning but 2006 we finally started the first private adherence business in Sweden.

First RealQ application outside of Sweden

In 2006 we launched InfCare HIV in Denmark.

2004 - 05

RealQ applications in Sweden

During these years we set up a number of new RealQ applications in disease areas such as cardiovasculars, alzheimers disease, diabetes and many others. 


The first RealQ application, InfCare HIV, is launched

In 2003 we got the assignment to build a decision support system for HIV care in Sweden. The rest, as they say, is history ;-)

2001 - 02

Early years

During these years we built approximately 30 applications from scratch and managed to do some consultancy and clinical studies as well. Seen in the back mirror the route vs the RealQ platform is clear.


The company is started

The very beginning, from the start focus has been on the borderline between IT and health, what is today called eHealth.

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