InfCare HIV helps Sweden become first country in the world to reach WHO target for HIV care

With help of the Health Solutions digital decision support system InfCare HIV Sweden has as first country in the world reached the ambitious goals set by the UN for international HIV care.

"InfCare HIV has been very important in our efforts to reach the goal as the application provides all health professionals who work with HIV in Sweden the opportunity to in real time monitor individual patients' treatment and also on an aggregated level see how the clinic performs versus national targets and how they follow guidelines" states Professor Anders Sönnerborg. "However, we should not be content with these good results, but should continue to improve prevention strategies and increase our efforts to diagnose those still unaware of their infection and continue to follow and motivate those who are on treatment”.

Health Solutions has been working together with the Swedish HIV care since 2003 and InfCare HIV has been continually improved and also served as a model for similar applications in other areas and in other geographical markets. "We are very proud to have been involved with the Swedish HIV care for so long" says Joakim Söderberg, COO of Health Solutions. "Anders Sönnerborg and his colleagues have shown what can be achieved when you cooperate, work in a structured way and use modern tools, a large share of the Swedish health care have much to learn from the HIV specialists".

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