Health Solutions´ work process is designed to in best possible way gather requirements and preferences, develop the technical functionality from the requirements and create a prototype which is processed until the launch of the application.  

The customer is involved throughout the whole project to ensure that the product is well developed from the first prototype until it is ready to use and launched.

The process begins with conducting workshops and interviews with the customers’ representatives to gather information as requirements, expectations, goals and intended benefits of the project.

After the feasibility study is completed the project proceeds to the definition phase where we investigate on a detailed level how the requirements can be transformed to technical solutions and functionality in the application.

One of our main principles is to continuously have interactions with the customer about specifications and development to bring the project forward with a common understanding.

In accordance with the agreed specifications, we then start the technical development of the product;the project enters the production phase.

Thanks to our platform RealQ we are able to quickly create a prototype of the product. This enables us to provide the customer with the documented specifications but also with a visual prototype early in the process of development.

By working in the prototype the customer can easier get an understanding and investigate whether the prototype fulfills the demands for the product and is working as expected. The process continues iteratively in one or two iterations with the customer, this results in the release candidate. After a final reconciliation and validation from the customer that the product meets the expectations and requirements, the application is ready for launch.

In connection with the launch we conduct training for the users and also discuss routines for registering data to make the customer prepared and able to use the application in a useful and efficient way.

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